Unholy Sonnet: A Mockery

Donne’s sonnet “Death be not Proud” presents the religious idea that death has been conquered, and that he has nothing to fear from death because of his salvation. His poem is a religious take on the idea of death. On the other hand, Jarman’s “Unholy Sonnet” serves more to mock the idea of salvation. In Jarman’s sonnet he describe a classic community revival with the hand wringing and the hymn singing. He mocks the “Communal stab at coming clean” (12). Salvation is, however, the very reason that Donne does not fear death. At the end of Jarman’s poem he states that “There is still murder in your heart” (14). Jarman points out that ironically, despite the public “salvation,” you’re just as unholy as before. Both poems are written as sonnets, but each carries a far different meaning.


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  1. danielsbrown said,

    July 22, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Very good!

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